Our current rose-packing situation is a huge thorn in Earth’s side. For years companies have been using substantial amounts of plastic and paper to protect roses during transport, creating waste that contaminates recycling streams and clogs our landfills.
Here at Decowraps, we strive to put sustainability at the forefront of the floral industry. We saw that the current industry standard was harming our environment, so we launched yet another sustainable packaging solution – Eco Wraps.

Eco Wraps are an eco-friendly and effective paper wrapping solution designed for shipping roses. The wraps are made of biobased, recyclable, compostable virgin White Top Kraft Line Paper. This paper is coated with FDA approved fluorine-free, water-based coating that protects the roses from humidity during transport.
“We are not only excited to bring a more sustainable solution for the floral industry, but we are proud of our team for developing a product which has been tested and proven to be as effective as the current plastic wrapping to protect roses,” says CEO Steven Tchira.

According to a study conducted by FloraLife (using roses provided by The Elite Flower), Eco Wraps were found to provide roses a comparable shelf life to that of standard plastic wrap. But not only do Eco Wraps protect roses like the other packaging methods – they do so while only using half the material. Eco Wraps save up to 55% of the materials used in other paper based wrapping solutions, such as single face corrugated sheets.

By reducing plastic and paper usage without sacrificing quality, Eco Wraps prove to be the most effective sustainable rose packaging solution on the market today.