As a future-focused company, Decowraps continues to innovate new sustainable products to meet the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions. That’s why we’re introducing our new Glassine Sleeve - the latest of many sustainable packaging achievements. Our global team has worked diligently to bring you this unique product by combining environmentally friendly resources with a versatile everyday look.

The Glassine Sleeve is made up of two simple components: a glassine paper top, and a natural kraft paper bottom. The top of the sleeve lets your blooms shine through its elegant frosty white paper, while the kraft bottom provides coverage for your stems. These elements combined create a perfect everyday sleeve, with a classic style that’s perfect for gifts of any occasion and flowers of every season.

The entire Glassine Sleeve is biobased. Biobased products originate from nature and are therefore, considered renewable resources. The kraft paper bottom is 100% recyclable, FSC® certified, and made from compostable and biodegradable materials. The Forest Stewardship Council® (or FSC®) is a leading authority on environmental protection and uses a nationwide team of experts to make sure companies source their paper responsibly.

Decowraps is teaming up with FSC® to produce our Glassine Sleeve as well as several other stock products like our Teak Prefold and Elm Sleeve, in order to combat deforestation and its negative effects on our planet. Deforestation also directly affects the floral and potted industries alike, with 70% of terrestrial life – including many popular flowers such as violets, tiger lilies, and foxgloves – living in our forests. Protecting our trees ensures that our air quality stays clean, our land stays green, and the floral industry continues to bloom.

When it comes to the importance of sustainable solutions like the Glassine Sleeve, there’s no need to take our word for it – just look at the growing number of consumers who are looking for eco-friendly packaging. Based on a survey conducted with 15,000 consumers in North America, Europe, and South America, more than half (54%) of respondents take sustainable packaging into consideration when selecting a product. Additionally, they reported that 70% of all consumers – and a whopping 83% among younger generations – are even willing to pay more for it! The truth is in the numbers: more and more consumers are not only demanding more sustainable packaging, but they’re also opening their wallets to join the sustainable movement.

With these key insights in mind, the Decowraps team is dedicated to offering plenty of sustainable options to keep our customers’ businesses growing and evolving with the times. We understand each client needs unique solutions, which is why we offer a wide variety of eco-friendly packaging, from bio-based films to FSC® certified products.

Our global team is collaborating across Sales, Marketing, and Product Development to bring you the next sustainable innovation, time after time. Together we will continue to make strides and ensure that we can enhance special moments for generations to come.