We are thrilled to announce a major new addition to the Decowraps family – Greg Kurkjian, our new Vice President of Sales and Marketing! In his first two weeks here so far, Greg has already shown his strengths in leadership with his inquisitive nature, positive outlook, and active willingness to support our team. With his esteemed background in the produce and reusable packaging industries, Greg will continue to provide key insights into how we can continue to thrive and expand not only as a leading floral packaging company, but as a strong contender in the produce packaging market, as well. 

Read our interview with Greg below to learn more:

Let’s start by getting to know you. Tell us a bit about yourself and where you’re from.

I am a native of Chicago, Illinois. However, I have spent the past 24 years in Cincinnati, Ohio with my wife Chris and our four daughters, Kerry, Brooke, Katherine, and Mallory.

What company and industry were you working in before joining Decowraps? How long were you working there?

I worked in the fresh produce industry for the past 26 years, holding sales, marketing, procurement, and general manager roles. Most of that time was spent with leading North American suppliers of fresh-cut salads, fruits, and vegetables, such as Fresh Express Farms and Mann’s Sunny Shores. Recently, I headed up North American Sales for IFCO Systems, the world’s leading reusable plastic container (RPC) pooler.

What attracted you to join a floral-focused company? And Decowraps specifically? 

There are many similarities in the sales process of RPCs and floral packaging.  Both packaging solutions require a high degree of communication and collaboration between the retailer; the category, supply chain, and sustainability managers; the packaging supplier; and, importantly, the grower. 

Fresh produce and floral have many similarities, as well. They are both cottage industries with some of the most dedicated, passionate, and innovative business professionals. And just like the fresh produce business, there is an incredible sense of urgency in the floral business due to the perishability of the products. These commonalities between [the] products and industries attracted me to the floral business.

I was attracted to Decowraps because their ownership is highly focused on being customer centric, and they are committed to growing the business. The founder, Steven Tchira, is a strategic entrepreneurial leader, and he has built an incredible, dedicated team of associates around him. They’re really a family.  They care deeply for each other, and how well, as a team, they serve their customers.  Those are the characteristics which drew me to Decowraps.

Describe your new role and what you hope to accomplish as Decowraps’s new VP of Sales & Marketing. 

Decowraps has established themselves as North America’s market leader in high design, customized floral packaging solutions to growers, retailers, and florists. I feel a real sense of responsibility to continue that legacy of success which the entire Decowraps team has created over the past 20 years or so. Our sales team members are extremely knowledgeable and rich in experience. This is not a team that requires a lot of direction. They know what they are doing. I can add value by supporting their efforts to get the highest quality [and] most innovative products, in the sizes and quantities our customers order, to our customers in a timely fashion. We know that if we can make doing business with Decowraps “simple” for our customers, we’ll continue to grow the business for another 20 years and more.