Flopak USA, a major player in pre-formed pot covers and floral delivery systems, has officially joined the Decowraps family!

Decowraps partnered with Palladin Consumer Retail Partners, a Boston-based private equity firm, in August of 2020. This is the second acquisition Decowraps has completed since Palladin invested in the company. 

The union of Decowraps' design, production, and distribution facilities in Miami, Bogotá, Aalsmeer, Quito, Nairobi, and China, together with Flopak’s distribution facilities in St. Louis and production in Vietnam, improves the Decowraps' supply chain, optimizes its distribution of products and expands the company's offerings. This acquisition will result in a great win for both companies which will ultimately enhance customer service.  

Steven Tchira, CEO of Decowraps, said “It’s invigorating to join forces with a team that’s as passionate as we are about seeing clients succeed. We are thrilled to have the seasoned and effective team of Flopak join the Decowraps family.”

Decowraps’ vision is to enhance special moments for the end consumer by offering customers innovative solutions to make their businesses more successful. With Flopak, Tchira sees the opportunity to support their vision. “By adding additional production and distribution facilities, we are expanding our geographical footprint and building a more robust supply chain, which will provide better service to our customers and drive the industry forward," Tchira said. 

“The Flopak team is excited about the shared vision of providing the best customer service in the industry," said Mike Greene, Director of Flopak USA. "We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers enhanced design capabilities, and an expanded portfolio of products including hard good upgrades."

Through an exceptional in-house design team, and superior customer service, the industry will see a greater array of products and services provided by highly experienced teams that are focused on creating innovative packaging solutions for the floral and potted industries.