Romantic Love Print2Vase Insert


Print2Vase provides an on-demand solution for styling your floral arrangements to suit any season, holiday, or theme through customized inserts printed on high-quality waterproof paper.

Material: HydroShield Paper

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Explore the Print2Vase Collection: an innovative printing solution empowering you to tailor your floral arrangements for any occasion, be it a seasonal celebration, a themed event, or a festive holiday. Whether selecting from our diverse pre-designed range or collaborating on a bespoke insert, our goal is to seamlessly integrate with our exquisite stock vases. Print2Vase streamlines the process for businesses, offering a blend of convenience, creativity, and cost-effectiveness to enhance their floral presentations. With reduced minimum order quantities (MOQs), even small-scale enterprises can embrace our services.

Our cutting-edge facility in Bogota operates with precision, ensuring swift printing and delivery within a mere two weeks post design approval. Crafted from premium waterproof paper, our inserts guarantee impeccable print quality and vivid hues that remain steadfast even submerged in water.

Print2Vase unfolds effortlessly in just three steps:

1. Begin with our Small Cylinder Vase or Clear Cylinder Vase.

2. Envelop the printed insert and nestle it within the vase.

3. Infuse with water, flowers, and voilà - a stunning arrangement awaits!

Ideal for:

- Florist boutiques

- Retail establishments

- E-commerce platforms

Customers have the right to inspect orders at the time of delivery. If there are any problems with your order, please call (305) 436-1415 or email our Customer Service Department at

In the unfortunate event that there are any issues with your order including damage, price discrepancies, or shortages, you must contact Decowraps’ Customer Service Department or your Sales Representative within:

  • 3 business days from receipt of the goods for count discrepancies and/or shortages
  • 10 business days from receipt of the goods for quality and/or damage issues

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